Three core advantages guarantee overall cold chain services.

  • Continuous and quick response as the

  • As the domestic largest dry ice supplier with an hourly output of 6000KG, we have built dry ice incubator production lines, enabling us to provide continuous, quick and efficient dry ice supply and a dry ice cold chain application network.

  • High product quality guaranteed by modular
    production technologies

  • Thanks to the advanced modular dry ice production technologies in the industry, we provide multiple types of dry ice with uniform shapes and high efficiency to meet the diversified demands of clients.

  • Strong technical support based
    on twenty years of specialized experience

  • We have twenty years of specialized experience in the development and production of dry ice, incubators, dry ice cleaning equipment, dry ice making machines, and dry ice related logistic team and after-sale technical team. You can call us to place orders, and we will provide overall and professional dry ice cold chain application services for you.