Advantage Comparison of Conventional Dry Ice Packs and Dry Ice Cold Chain

  Biological ice bags Dry ice cold chain
Material The C3H3NaO2 compound causes secondary pollution. It has residual moisture, tending to cause bacterial pollution. 1、Compressed from food-level CO2, dry ice has no residual moisture, causes no pollution, and realizes a bacteriostatic effect.
Cold retention capacity Its cold retention capacity at -20℃ is 1.5 times of that of water ice and declines with time on. 2、Its temperature can be controlled at -5℃ to -78.5℃. Its cold storage capacity is 1.5 times of that of water ice.
Logistic cost For heat preservation, volume of the thermal insulation material and quantity of the ice bags need to be increased, resulting in a high logistic cost. 3、When it gives full play to its cold storage capacity, the ambient temperature in its containers may be kept at -20℃ for a long time.
Dry ice has a low cost of transport at ultra-low temperatures thanks to its small volume and weight.
Energy consumption Self-built cold storages are needed to store ice bags, which needs equipment investments and electrical consumptions. 4、It has a self-owned ultra-low temperature cold source, neding no electricity.